What we’re up to right now in DEB: February 2014


  • Reviewing and processing supplement requests (~200 REU, RET, ROA, and RAHSS requests)
  • Finalizing participation and assigning reviews for preliminary proposal panels (~5000 individual reviews distributed across 200+ panelists comprising 10 different panels, see comparison below)
  • Waiting on final 2014 budget numbers to reach the program level (and providing information to support the 2015 budget request)
  • Managing winter/spring special program reviews in between winter storms (a huge thanks to the hearty panelists who worked on through a DC-paralyzing foot of snow last week)

Preliminary Proposals Sent for DEB Review:

FY2012 FY2013 FY2014
1626 1629 1636[i]

[i] Pending any incomplete transfers, withdraws, or returns without review.

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