DEB Numbers: Per-Person Success Rate in DEB

Our friends at Dynamic Ecology posted a little while back about the NSF-wide trends in per-person success rate based on this 2014 report to the National Science Board that provided merit review process statistics across the whole agency[i]. There were several questions in the comments to that post regarding the context for the numbers and how they would look for DEB or IOS, especially since preliminary proposals were explicitly excluded from the calculations in the report to the NSB[ii].

So, we’ve put something together with DEB data to follow-up on that discussion. Our analysis sticks to the general approach of the NSF-wide report with modifications to allow inclusion of preliminary proposal data. Continue reading

Assessing the Value of the Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant

Caveat: This post is based on the research and analysis of Kara Shervanick, a 2013 Summer Student in DEB. She did valuable work but her time was relatively brief for this complex information gathering and analysis process. This work does provide some context for understanding DDIG program outcomes, however, we point out that the small sample size limits the power of these analyses.

See our other recent posts on the DDIG program here and here. Continue reading

DEB Numbers: DDIGing Down into Dissertation Data

So far here on DEBrief, when we’ve looked at success rates and demographics, we’ve generally restricted our discussion to DEB research grants or research grants in the DEB Core Programs.

As we mentioned in a prior post, this time we’re shifting our focus to Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants, DDIGs. Continue reading

DDIGs, an Opportunity for Graduate Researchers in DEB

As we began writing this post, proposals were moving through the various stages of review and approval that ultimately result in the awarding of 2014 Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants (DDIGs) from the NSF Division of Environmental Biology[i]. This is the culmination of a process that started for many applicants last summer or early fall and for us is the continuation of a commitment that DEB has made to supporting student researchers for over 40 years. You can check out the most recent DDIG recipients through the public NSF Award Search. The list only includes the awards that have been finalized from this year, and it will grow over the coming weeks as the last of the DDIG awards are added to the public database. Continue reading