Who We Are

The Division of Environmental Biology (DEB) is an organizational unit within the US National Science Foundation, Directorate for Biological Sciences (BIO). DEB supports fundamental research on populations, species, communities, and ecosystems. Scientific emphases range across many evolutionary and ecological patterns and processes at all spatial and temporal scales. Areas of research include biodiversity, phylogenetic systematics, molecular evolution, life history evolution, natural selection, ecology, biogeography, ecosystem services, conservation biology, global change, and biogeochemical cycles. Research on origins, functions, relationships, interactions, and evolutionary history may incorporate field, laboratory, or collection-based approaches; observational or manipulative experiments; synthesis activities; as well as theoretical approaches involving analytical, statistical, or simulation modeling.

Further information about DEB, the funding programs we manage, and other opportunities relevant to our PI communities can be found on our Division homepage: http://www.nsf.gov/div/index.jsp?org=DEB

DEBrief Post Authorship

DEBrief was the first foray of an NSF Division into blogging. We are a collaborative effort of the Division of Environmental Biology Science Staff.  We use the display name “DEB Science Staff” to reflect this multi-contributor approach. Responsibility for creating posts is shared by a working group of DEB staff including administrative and scientific staff with representation from each of the four programmatic clusters and Division Executives. Individual display names would not necessarily reflect authorship and editorial contributions.

Please continue to share our blog with your research colleagues and help us make this effort a success.