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We want to welcome new subscribers to DEBrief and remind our returning subscribers of all the information and resources we have on our blog.

At the top of our blog, you’ll notice 5 tabs. The first is our Home tab, where all our blog posts live. Next is the DEB Resources and Links tab. This includes great information related to funding opportunities and other programs that may be of interest to the DEB community. Next and newest is the Office Hours tab. Here you’ll find information on how to register for upcoming virtual office hours as well as recaps of previous ones. Next is the About tab, which tells you about the Division of Environmental Biology (DEB) and who writes these posts. And finally, the Blog Policies tab includes all the rules and policies associated with our blog so that we all know what to expect of each other.

We’d also like to remind everyone that the Search Tool on the right side of the blog allows you to search for specific topics. Our blog contains vast stores of information. If you want to see whether we’ve written about a particular topic in the past,  enter it there and see what pops up.

So what can you search for? Confused about budget justifications? We got you. Heard something was happening with Biosketches and Current and Pending Support? Not a problem. Wondering if a Career-Life Balance supplement is right for you? Check this out! Haven’t thought about COVID in two seconds? Here you go. Need more FastLane in your life or ever wonder where Program Officers and staff come from? You know where to go.

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Finally, thank you to our subscribers. Whether you’ve been here since our first post over 8 years ago or joined yesterday, we’re happy to have you. For any questions or more information, please reach out to us at DEBQuestions@nsf.gov.