CRITICAL INFO [UPDATED 1/27/16]: DEB Deadline and Winter Storm Jonas/#Snowzilla

Questions about the deadline and major Mid-Atlantic blizzard answered here. Follow this post and check back for the latest updates as the situation develops.

[UPDATED x3] Is the deadline still in effect?

Due to inclement weather in the DC metro area the deadline for the DEB Core Programs and LTREB preliminary proposals was extended to 5PM local time on Wednesday, 27 Jan.


Is NSF open?/When will NSF re-open?

NSF has re-opened on 27 January, 2016, following the government-wide operating status for the DC area. DEB POs and staff are back in the office. You can find individual contact info here or email  for general inquiries regarding preliminary proposals, but first check that your question wasn’t already covered, below for other storm-related items, or here for questions about preliminary proposals.


Can I still submit my preliminary proposal?

You can submit your preliminary proposal to DEB through 5PM local time on Wednesday, 27 January. Check the FastLane homepage for the latest updates on system availability.


Can I have an extension to submit my preliminary proposal?

As specified in the PAPPG, NSF Program Officers may provide flexibility when a natural or anthropogenic disaster impacts an institution’s ability to submit a proposal.  We are not permitted to grant extensions in advance due to the weather, but there is no need to panic. If NSF is open but your institution is closed, has no power, etc and if your institution is unable to submit any proposals on the day of the deadline, then they will need to contact us to request the extension. We realize that if they are closed, they may not be able to contact us, so the expectation is that your institution will contact us by email as soon as they re-open to explain the situation and request extension at that time.

3 thoughts on “CRITICAL INFO [UPDATED 1/27/16]: DEB Deadline and Winter Storm Jonas/#Snowzilla

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  2. Thank you for helping to spread the word about this extension. Unrelated to above, do you intend to write a post about the announcement that NSF will not tolerate Title IX violations or support harassers, both how this policy will be enforced, how complaints will be handled, and what will happen to past complaints?

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