DEB Spring 2014 Preliminary Proposal Results

Some of you have already heard about your DEB preliminary proposal(s). Invitations for full proposals have been going out first, one cluster at a time, followed by declines, again by cluster. DEB does this to maximize preparation time for the invited PIs and to make sure individuals in the same cluster and outcome grouping receive notice at roughly the same time. These decisions are being announced in line with or ahead of the review calendar discussed here and here.

Each PI will receive a context statement describing the review process and results in the reviewing cluster. Here we provide a compilation of the same context information for all four clusters in DEB. Continue reading

Happy Taxonomist Appreciation Day!

It’s March 19th. A year ago, when we were just finding our bloggy footing, another newcomer to the biology blog scene made the radical proposal that on this day all biologists should take a moment to say thanks to their colleagues developing the taxonomic and systematic knowledge on which we all build our understanding of the diversity of life.

We think this is a wonderful idea! Continue reading

Meet DEB: David Mindell, SBS Program Officer

Basic Profile

Name: David P. Mindell

Education: PhD, Brigham Young University

Passing time with a curl crested manucode  (Manucodia comrii) in Papua New Guinea.

Passing time with a curl crested manucode (Manucodia comrii) in Papua New Guinea.

Research Experience/History: Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Curator of Birds at the University of Michigan for 14 years, and Dean of Science and Curator of Ornithology at the California Academy of Science for 3 years, prior to coming to NSF. Continue reading

DEB Numbers: Award Size and Duration

This installment of DEB Numbers looks at the DEB Core Programs’ regular research project portfolio through the lens of award size and duration.


This post was inspired by some of the reaction we heard to our earlier DEB Numbers posts on collaboration. (We also will take the serendipitous bounce off these recent findings about award size from north of the border and subsequent discussion here.) Continue reading