DEB 2016 Summer Meetings Schedule

Meeting season is upon us. Here’s a quick overview of the where, when, and who for finding your DEB representatives at annual meetings this summer. Note: Lists of expected attendees are tentative and subject to change. Check back for updates and additional details of scheduled sessions and other outreach activities as they become available.


Society of Wetland Scientists’ 2016 Annual Meeting

31 May – 4 June 2016; Corpus Christi, Texas

Liz Blood (Ecosystems)


EEID (Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease)

3 – 5 June 2016; Ithaca, New York

Sam Scheiner (Evolutionary Processes); Karen Alroy (Science Associate); Diana Weber (AAAS S&T Policy Fellow)


ASLO Summer Meeting

5 – 10 June 2016; Santa Fe, New Mexico

Alan Tessier (DDD); Lou Kaplan (Ecosystems); Maria Gonzalez (Population and Community Ecology); Tim Kratz (Macrosystems & NEON Science); Mike Vanni (Postdoctoral Fellows program in DBI)

Event: NSF Funding Opportunities in Aquatic Sciences; Date: Tuesday, 7 June; Time: 12:00 – 13:30


ASM Microbe 2016

16 – 20 June 2016; Boston, MA

Matt Kane (Ecosystems); Leslie Rissler (Evolutionary Processes)


Evolution 2016 (ASN/SSE/SSB)—austin-texas.html

17 – 21 June 2016; Austin, Texas

Paula Mabee (DD); George Gilchrist, Paco Moore, Leslie Rissler, Sam Scheiner (Evolutionary Processes); Gordon Burleigh (Systematics and Biodiversity Science)

Event: NSF information session; Date: Monday, 20 June; Time: 12:00 – 13:00


Botany 2016

30 July – 3 August 2016; Savannah, Georgia

Gordon Burleigh, Joe Miller & Simon Malcomber (Systematics and Biodiversity Science)

ESA Ecology 2016

7 – 12 August 2016; Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Alan Tessier (DDD); Doug Levey & Betsy Von Holle (Population and Community Ecology); Liz Blood, Henry Gholz & Karina Schäfer (Ecosystems); Janice Bossart (Evolutionary Processes); Cheryl Dybas (Public Affairs); John Adamec (Staff)

Booth: #333

Event: Funding Agency Information Session; Date: Monday, 8 August; Time: 11:30-13:15


North American Ornithological Conference 2016

16 – 20 August 2016; Washington, DC

Doug Levey (Population and Community Ecology)


ecoSummit 2016

29 August – 1 September 2016; Le Corum, Montpellier, France

Karina Schäfer (Ecosystems)


Entomology 2016 (XXV International Congress of Entomology)

25 – 30 September 2016; Orlando, Florida

Janice Bossart (Evolutionary Processes)

Meet DEB: Melissa George, Einstein Educator Fellow

Basic Profile

Name: Melissa George

Looking in the opposite direction at Halawa Falls, Molokai.  I took the picture with my iphone.  Can you believe it?!

Looking in the opposite direction at Halawa Falls, Molokai. I took the picture with my iphone. Can you believe it?!


BS Biology, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA;

MS & PhD Curriculum & Instruction, Science Education, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Home Institution:  I taught middle school science for 12 years at Lafayette Tecumseh Junior High School in Lafayette, IN.  I will return to the same school corporation on August 12 teaching Biology and Zoology at Jefferson High School.

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A shameless plug for DEB-funded grad students making broader impacts online

A cool student-run blog, BioDiverse Perspectives:,

emerged as part of the communication portfolio of this project:,

funded by the Dimensions of Biodiversity program:

See what else has been funded by Dimensions of Biodiversity here:


We love hearing what our PIs and their students are up to, and links to share are even better! Let’s see if our readers have any to add in the comments.

DEB Program Officers Live!

It’s that time of year for annual scientific society meetings.  DEB Program Officers may be heading your way this summer.  Here’s a quick list of who to look out for and some of the sessions about NSF: Continue reading