Meet DEB: Sudeep Chandra, ESC Program Officer

Basic Profile

Name: Sudeep Chandra

NSF Ecosystems Cluster Program Officer Sudeep Chandra.

NSF Ecosystems Cluster Program Officer Sudeep Chandra.

Education: PhD in Ecology, University of California, Davis

Home Institution: University of Nevada, Reno

NSF Experience/History: I have served as a reviewer for various NSF DEB panels and as an ad hoc reviewer. I received funding from NSF as a PI, graduate student, and support some of my undergraduate student research through REU funding provided via the EPSCoR program to the University of Nevada. Continue reading

DEB Numbers: Award Size and Duration

This installment of DEB Numbers looks at the DEB Core Programs’ regular research project portfolio through the lens of award size and duration.


This post was inspired by some of the reaction we heard to our earlier DEB Numbers posts on collaboration. (We also will take the serendipitous bounce off these recent findings about award size from north of the border and subsequent discussion here.) Continue reading

Meet DEB: Henry Gholz, ESC Program Officer

Basic Profile

Name: Henry L. Gholz

Education: PhD, Oregon State University 1979 Major: Forest Science, Minors: Botany, Soil Science)

Henry Gholz of DEB's Ecosystem Science Cluster.

Henry Gholz of DEB’s Ecosystem Science Cluster.

NSF Experience/History: I first came to NSF as a rotator in Ecosystem Science in 2000 and became a full-time Federal employee for NSF in 2003. Over this time, I managed LTER for 10 years, NCEAS for its last 5 years, have continuously co-managed the Ecosystems Program, and co-managed other regular and special programs in BIO and across NSF. Continue reading

DEB Program Officers Live!

It’s that time of year for annual scientific society meetings.  DEB Program Officers may be heading your way this summer.  Here’s a quick list of who to look out for and some of the sessions about NSF: Continue reading

DEB in the News, Feb. 19, 2013

This will be a semi-regular feature where we share with you links to press coverage and other media featuring DEB PIs that came our way. (Note: today’s items cover the last 2-weeks, but that is not a planned frequency at this point.) Some of the items are picked up via the NSF public affairs team, others we only hear about when you tell us.  If you saw something they didn’t, feel free to share it in the comments. Continue reading