You’ll need to update your NSF Reviewer Profile and here’s why

NSF has integrated previously separate ID information under a single NSF ID. Now, panelists will be required to manage, update, and verify their profile information including contact information, institutional information, and demographics. Please see Account Management – Reviewer for further information and training resources. In addition, gender response options have been added to the demographic selection to be more inclusive and accurate.

  • Who is now integrated into the NSF ID?*
    • Principal Investigators (PIs),
    • Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Applicants and Fellows,
    • Administrative and Coordinating Officials, and
    • Panelists.

*Integration of ad hoc reviewer IDs is coming soon and any changes to the NSF ID profile will not update your ad hoc reviewer ID information.

Overview of NSF ID Account Creation and Update Process for Panelists

  1. You will receive a unique invitation code via email from when NSF program staff adds you to a panel.
  2. Open and select the Register function at the top of the screen to create a new NSF account and to obtain an assigned NSF ID.
    1. Note: If you have an existing NSF account in, skip step 2. Each individual user of NSF system, (e.g., should not have more than one NSF ID per Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (Chapter I.G.3.).
  3. Sign into with your credentials.
  4. Access the Provide Reviewer Profile Information link under Reviews & Meetings on the homepage.
  5. Enter the unique invitation code from an email and follow the five-step wizard to provide reviewer profile information. Once this one-time process has been completed, you can proceed with all other panel activities.
  6. Sign into FastLane Panelist Functions with the credentials included in the Panelist letter email from program staff. There are no changes currently for signing into FastLane Panelist Functions.
  7. You can access the FastLane Panel Review System for review activities as soon as you receive Panelist letter from program staff.
    1. You must complete the one-time process to provide their reviewer profile information in order to register for the meeting via “Meeting Sign-In” after completing “Travel and Reimbursement” in the FastLane Travel and Reimbursement System.
    1. If you have already integrated your reviewer ID from a previous panel, please verify that all information is accurate, and update as needed. Any recent updates to your PI profile will not be incorporated to your NSF ID profile and it is therefore important to review this information for inaccuracies.

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