Pathways: Internships and Fellowships at Federal Agencies

Are you a student or recent graduate interested in public service? Then you’ll want to check out the Pathways Program. This program offers 3 distinct paths to federal service including jobs at the National Science Foundation.

  1. There’s the Pathways Internship Program for current students. 
  2. The Recent Graduates Program for, you guessed it, recent graduates (2 years from the date the you completed an academic course of study). 
  3. And the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program for those with an advanced degree (Masters, professional degrees, or PhD). 

You’ll need to apply through the USAJobs portal. Of course, you can apply for any federal government job that you qualify for, but these are specific programs that help students and recent graduates get their foot in the door. 

Pathways interns and PMFs earn an annual salary that varies by agency and location. Some Federal agencies may also offer internships outside of the Pathways Program but those are generally unpaid. Check out their thorough FAQ for answers to questions regarding eligibility, conversion to competitive service, and much, much more.

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