Research Collaboration Opportunity in Europe for NSF Awardees

A revised Dear Colleague Letter (DCL): Research Collaboration Opportunity in Europe for NSF Awardees (NSF 22-056) was released and seeks to enable U.S.-based scientists and engineers with active NSF awards, particularly those early in their careers, to pursue research collaborations with European colleagues supported through EU-funded European Research Council (ERC) grants.

This DCL invites current NSF grantees to submit supplemental funding requests for research visits to any identified, appropriate ERC-funded European research group. The European Research Council Executive Agency has provided a list of ERC-funded principal investigators (PIs) and research teams interested in hosting NSF grantees. NSF grantees should request this list via email from Roxanne Nikolaus, Office of International Science and Engineering, at, and then communicate directly with ERC PIs to ascertain areas of mutual interest and research goals for a visit.

NSF awardees may request supplemental funding for a single short- or long-term research visit or multiple short- term visits. Multiple short-term visits should aggregate to a minimum amount of time as agreed in advance between the NSF grantee and the ERC-funded PI. For definition, research visits of less than 6 months are considered short-term, whereas visits of 6 months to one year are long-term visits. The maximum duration for either a single visit or the cumulation of multiple visits is 12 months. It is expected that the amount requested will not exceed $20,000.

More information on how to request supplemental funding can be found here.

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