Meet DEB: Welcome Back Matt Carling

Matt Carling hiking Medicine Bow peak, the highest peak in the Snowy Range of SW Wyoming.

Name: Matt Carling

Education: Louisiana State University, PhD; University of Idaho, MS; University of Michigan, BS

Home Institution: University of Wyoming

Tell us about your research: Broadly, my work focuses on questions related to speciation and adaptation in birds. Much of this work uses hybrid zones to understand the processes leading to the formation and maintenance of reproductive isolation between closely related species.  

Tell us about your NSF Experience/History: My earliest NSF experience was applying for a DDIG as a PhD student. Fun fact, my first ever NSF grant application was returned without review! Since that experience, I’ve been fortunate to have received NSF funding a couple of times. I also previously served as a rotating program officer in Evolutionary Processes from 2017-2018.

What made you want to come back to NSF? It’s such a wonderful place to work! I really enjoy working with all the incredibly smart, dedicated people in DEB and the rest of BIO to serve the research community.

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