Alan Tessier Retirement

At the end of 2021, BIO said goodbye to our long-time colleague Alan Tessier as he began his retirement. The BIO Office of the Assistant Director posted a farewell to Alan on BIO Buzz.

Alan spent several years as a DEB Program Officer and also served as Deputy Division Director. His DEB colleagues shared the following thoughts about him:

“Alan has been a great colleague whose wise council and administrative acumen has been a valuable service to the biology research community.” – Sam Scheiner

“Alan’s encyclopedic knowledge of policy and the history of programs in DEB and beyond was legendary, but what I valued most was his ability to listen to all viewpoints and know (and state) the pros and cons (especially the cons) of every possible outcome. Alan was the voice of reason and strategic thinking. I will miss his leadership in BIO.” – Leslie Rissler

“Alan took a lot of teasing in DEB for his depth of knowledge about the GPG and PAPPG. It wasn’t so much about what he knew but that he seemed to enjoy decoding the lawyerly language.  What most of us came to realize was that Alan was always two steps ahead of us because of his interest in why policies were worded in particular ways – their context or evolutionary history.  In short, he greatly benefited DEB and BIO by his uncanny ability to think big while embracing this history of small details.” – Doug Levey

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