Wildfire and the Biosphere Initiative: Town Hall on Monday February 1



Knowinnovation, supported by the National Science Foundation, is hosting a Wildfire and the Biosphere Innovation Lab to generate creative strategies and new research collaborations aimed at improving understanding of different types of fires across temporal and spatial scales, predicting feedbacks between wildfire and living systems, and improving the representation of biological processes in models.

The 5-day virtual Innovation Lab will take place May 17-19, May 21, and May 26, 2021. PI-level researchers — such as biologists (molecular to global scale), engineers, Earth scientists, physical scientists, social scientists, mathematicians and computer scientists — are strongly encouraged to apply before the deadline of March 1.

To introduce the Innovation Lab and answer any questions you may have, we will host a virtual Town Hall on February 1, 2021 from 12:30 to 2:00 pm Eastern. Please register for the town hall in advance. We will introduce the Wildfire and the Biosphere Innovation Lab and answer any questions you might have about the focus, content, approach, or application.

In addition, because this is such an active area of research, an online community survey is being conducted prior to the Innovation Lab. You can find more information on the website https://apply.hub.ki/wildfire/. Survey responses will be accepted until March 31, 2021. It is short and anonymous, and the responses will be used to inform discussion at the Innovation Lab.