DEB Caps Explained – (Archived)

This post is no longer accurate as of November 15, 2018. Please visit this post for current information.

Proposal Type Caps Deadline Submission Guidelines
DEB Core (EP, ES, PCE, SBS) DEB Core Cap: 1

Any submission as a PI or Co-PI to any of these proposal types counts towards the DEB Core cap of 1.

No deadline 18-587
SG No deadline 18-587
RUI No deadline 14-579
OPUS Deadline 18-582
LTREB No deadline 18-597
BEE Designation No deadline 18-587
Rules of Life Rules of Life Cap: 1 No deadline 18-587
CAREER Lifetime limit of 3 Deadline 17-537
RCN No cap No deadline 17-594
Conferences No cap No deadline PAPPG
EAGER No cap No deadline* PAPPG
RAPID No cap No deadline* PAPPG
RAISE No cap No deadline* PAPPG
EEID EEID Cap: 2 Deadline 18-581
CNH No cap Deadline 18-503
Dimensions of Biodiversity Dimensions Cap: 1 Deadline New Solicitation TBA

Figure 1. Column one lists some of the many types of proposals that come into our core and special programs. The second column shows you which proposals are limited by a cap. The third column tells you which proposal type has a deadline, and the final column points you to where to look for guidance when preparing the proposal.

For example; In a given fiscal year, an investigator may submit 1 proposal to EEID, 1 to CNH, 1 to CAREER, 1 to Rules of Life, and 1 to the DEB Core (ES, EP, PCE, SBS, BEE) but not LTREB because that exceeds the DEB Core cap of 1.

*Unless specified in an accompanying Dear Colleague Letter