NSF Systems offline June 30-July 4

Many NSF Systems will be unavailable Friday, June 30th at 8pm EST until Tuesday, July 4th at 6pm as NSF begins relocation to Alexandria, Virginia.

After years of construction, the National Science Foundation will soon begin the relocation process to Alexandria, Virginia. NSF offices will be moving over several months, and BIO staff are scheduled to move the weekend of September 15th, 2017 to start work in the new building on September 18th. The new address will be:

National Science Foundation
2415 Eisenhower Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22314


credit: Maxx-Studio/Shutterstock.com

As part of the moving process, the Data Center systems and equipment need to be physically moved to Alexandria, a process we refer to as the “forklift”, because they will actually be using a forklift. Therefore, from 8pm June 30th, through July 4th many of the NSF IT Systems will be unavailable, so please plan accordingly if you were going to work on something that requires NSF systems over the long holiday weekend. This is likely to impact both the public facing systems like the NSF website and FastLane, and the internal systems, such as employee’s access to email. We hope that all will be back to normal on July 5th.