Sprucing Up the Place

We’ve been blogging here on DEBrief since February 2013. Since our initial pilot, we’ve gotten noticed not just by you but by our colleagues here at NSF.  Once we paved the way, the rest of the BIO directorate joined in as well and now there are 5 NSF BIO blogs: one each for DEB, IOS, MCB, DBI, and the Assistant Director’s office. We are even integrated with the BIO twitter account (@NSF_BIO).

With all the enthusiasm here in BIO, and positive comments from you, for community outreach through these blogs, we’ve been given some new tools to work with. These will enable DEBrief and the other BIO blogs to look more like the collective cross-division effort that they are. So, over the next couple of weeks (and probably much longer) we’ll be trying out some changes to our look.

The most important part of DEBrief, our content, is not changing. We’ll still be bringing you the latest in funding opportunity updates, analysis of our programs, and discussions of the merit review and decision-making process.

The first change you’re likely to notice is a new custom domain name (debblog.nsfbio.com). The old URL: nsfdeb.wordpress.com will not go away. All existing links, etc. will still work. The idea is to add to this another more informative and easier to find address.

We are also looking to debut an update to our color scheme. We’re no longer limited by the color choices embedded in our theme selection, and are going to work on incorporating the NSF.gov colors.

Lastly, this is a great time for feedback. What works? What doesn’t? Are there parts of the blog site that you want to see improved? Is there something missing you want to see on DEBrief? Did we break anything in the process of implementing the updates? You are always welcome to leave a comment or send us an email at DEBQuestions@nsf.gov.

3 thoughts on “Sprucing Up the Place

  1. This has been a great resource to me for not only updates, but also for understanding some of the inner workings of NSF. Thank you for continuing to blog.


  2. This has been a really fantastic resource for me as a new PI. I’d love to keep seeing updates with insights into the process, as well as tips for early career folks. Thanks!

  3. Stumbled across this blog while looking up guidelines for NSF biosketches (specifically non-senior personnel). Thanks for this treasure trove of information! None of my faculty are in the DEB area, but it is definitely worthwhile to learn about NSF-wide practices (I mean, I read the the GPG and all, but sometimes you just need a second source, in plain English). Most PIs are so focused on the science that the administrative/logistical stuff falls on us admins.

    Now if only DARPA had something similar!

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