Spring 2016 Progress Update

You may have noticed it has lately been quiet on the blog.

We’re in the middle of processing the 1500 or so preliminary proposals we received at the end of January. After reviewing them for completeness and relevance to the program and sorting out the overlap between us and IOS, ~1450 proposals were accepted for review and assigned to 10 panels, which will run in March and April.

At this point in the review process, many panelists have received their individual review assignments and access to the proposals with more yet to come. And, over the coming weeks, waves of panelists will begin descending upon NSF to meet and discuss the preliminary proposals. When the dust settles, Program Officers will meet together to compare notes and develop invite/do not invite recommendations.

As in prior years, Invite notices will receive first priority and be batched by program (4 program clusters = 4 batches). For example, everyone receiving an invitation from Population and Community Ecology (PCE) should hear back over a span of a few days, and everyone receiving an invitation from Systematics and Biodiversity Sciences (SBS) should hear back over a span of a few days. But the invites for PCE and for SBS are not likely to go out on the same days. This is to maximize the amount of time available to invitees to prepare a full proposal and minimize any delays in notification relative to others competing in the same cluster at the full proposal stage.

Do Not Invite notices will come out after the invites. These will also be batched, but less strictly so the span of notification may not be as narrow.  There is likely to be a week or more between notices of good news and bad news for a particular program.

We are targeting all good news to be delivered by mid-May and all bad news by the end of May.

As always, log in and check FastLane for updates first. Updates will show there even if you have a bad email address on file and the notice doesn’t reach you. If you are a Co-PI, talk to your lead PI first: they receive all the correspondence. And, if June 1 comes and you haven’t heard at all, that is when the lead PI should drop us an email.

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