Have you thanked a taxonomist today?

A whole year has come and gone and once again we’ve arrived at Taxonomist Appreciation Day!

Thanks to our current Systematics and Biodiversity Science Program Officers:

Maureen, Simon, Joe, David, Kelly, and Judy.

And, as we said last year (but it bears repeating):

Thanks to all those who have previously and continue to serve as Program Officers, Experts, and Administrative staff helping to manage our programs supporting taxonomy, systematics, species discovery, phylogenetics, and collections.

Thanks to the legions of reviewers who have contributed their expertise in identifying the best proposals in taxonomy and systematics for funding since the earliest days of NSF and to the PIs who are not just describing new species but pioneering new ways to do the work and share it with the scale and efficiency suited to the challenges faced by global biodiversity.


Join the conversation on Twitter: @NSF_BIO and #loveyourtaxonomist

How’s your bracket doing? No, not that one, this one.

Enjoy the pun-ditry over at Buzz, Hoot, Roar.

And, for the slightly more serious: check out the AMNH OLogy pages on wasps for some fun sciart comics suitable for kids to adults (h/t to Carly via @NSF_BIO on Twitter), funded by an NSF GRFP fellowship and a DEB Systematics program award.


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