Discussion Thread: DEBrief content suggestions

Frequent visitors may have noticed that we’ve added star-based rating options to all of our posts. We’re hoping for a little more input from you as to what you want to see on this blog. Our blog site stats are interesting in that some of the DEB Numbers posts tend to get the most views and shares, but individual DEB Program Officer profiles seem to be popular among searches that lead people to this site. So we are wondering, what information are readers finding useful? What is working? What is missing? What could we be doing better or differently?

The stars are a chance to continuously make your preferences known without writing a comment (and we hope you’ll look back and rate your past favorites too).

But, this post is dedicated to open discussion about the blog and DEB communications in general. Are there timely topics you haven’t seen covered? Are there questions you’ve been hoping we will address? You’ve clearly found this blog, but what about your friends and colleagues in DEB fields? Have you shared us with them?

Comments can be anonymous and don’t require any identifiers from you, but if you don’t want other visitors to see a comment, you can always send it directly to DEBQuestions@nsf.gov.


Reminder: We’re also interested in hearing about your results that didn’t seem to fit in or  came about after the end of your official project reports.

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