What’s your DEB Story?

Sometimes, it can be hard to fit what you want to tell us into your annual report. Other times, the coolest results, recognition of important research outcomes, and broader impacts only come to fruition in the years after a grant was closed and the final reports compiled.

We’re interested in unearthing the dark data on award outcomes. Help us tell the full story of DEB funding: from personal experiences to news-making discoveries, we want to hear from you. Comment, email us, or schedule a time to talk with us to share your experiences.

Non-exhaustive list of examples:

  • Any part of the project that you couldn’t fit in your reports and want us to know about.
  • Updates on how research on a grant has influenced student careers.
  • Publications that have become modern classics.
  • Awards and recognitions.
  • Institutional legacies of innovative programs.
  • Follow-up or translational research that took your results in unexpected directions.

We’re always looking to highlight the results of research spending to illustrate the breadth of impacts of past and current awards. Short summary stories of award outcomes are passed to NSF’s Public Affairs team and may wind up on research.gov. Your responses can help us highlight the many ways in which DEB awards serve to promote the progress of science, support education, and contribute to national well-being.

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