Help Us Recruit for a Leadership Opportunity in DEB (Open Now)!

We are now recruiting for the next Division Director in DEB. Our fearless leader, Dr. Penny Firth will be retiring after many years of commendable service at NSF.

Many of you may already be familiar with NSF’s program for rotating program officers in which your peers in the research community come to NSF and help administer funding programs for a term of 1 to 2 years. Most scientific leadership opportunities at NSF are also filled through rotating positions. These positions can be particularly well suited for experienced people interested in impacting basic science on a broad scale.

NSF/BIO is looking for a new rotator to join NSF as the next Division Director for DEB. This would be an excellent opportunity for someone interested in sharing their exceptional communication, leadership and managerial skills and interested in working with a fun and dynamic group of program officers and administrative staff.

You can view the full job posting details and apply on USAJOBS. We hope this position would be a good fit for you or for one of your colleagues.

Community participation is critical to the recruitment process, especially spreading the word about this opening and encouraging strong candidates to apply. If you know someone with demonstrated leadership skills and a vision for the future of environmental biology, please get in touch with any DEB Program Officer to let us know about them and tell them about this opening.

We also welcome any thoughts you would like to share with us about this search and look forward to hearing your opinions on future DEB leadership in the comments section. As always, you can also reach us at the Division alias at if you want to say or ask something outside of the blog.


Division Director, Division of Environmental Biology

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