Hot off the press: new edition of the Dimensions of Biodiversity Abstract Booklet

The Dimensions of Biodiversity program has just released its latest abstract booklet, available at:

DEB's Dimensions of Biodiversty 2010-2013 abstract book cover.This special program in the Division of Environmental Biology focuses on understanding the least known aspects of biodiversity. It is a dynamic and multi-disciplinary program that takes a broad view of biodiversity, ranging from genes through species to ecosystems. The program requires investigators to integrate genetic, taxonomic/phylogenetic, and functional aspects of biodiversity.

The 2013 awards were co-funded by the NSF Divisions of Environmental Biology and Ocean Sciences, NASA, the Natural National Science Foundation of China, as well as the São Paulo Research Foundation FAPESP of Brazil.

Check out the cool new projects that were funded in 2013, as well as the impressive outputs from previous awardees. These include numerous publications, creative outreach activities and spotlights in high profile media outlets.

Congratulations to the Dimensions investigators for all of their hard work and accomplishments!


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