Our Half-Blogoversary

So a little over 6-months ago we launched this little effort as a 6-month pilot project. It has been a great six months and we’ve appreciated your readership and participation [even if most of the commenting is going on elsewhere 😉 ].

We’ve pulled together site statistics, considered what we think we and you have gotten out of this and made a case for continuing on. Thanks to those of you for the timely in-person reactions at the various summer meetings. It’s reassuring to hear that you actually read the posts.

We think the outlook is good for our continuation. Just the other week we got a positive mention in front of the National Science Board (we’ll take that as a good sign).

We just wanted to let you know where we’re at with the pilot and that we’re by no means done and plan to continue posting. We look forward to continuing this effort and hope to have more great posts and exciting news for you in the near future.

Thank You from all DEB and the DEBrief Team

P.S. This would also be a great time to let us know if there are improvements you’d like to see.

2 thoughts on “Our Half-Blogoversary

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