Program Announcement: Reminder, DEB DDIGs Due 10/10/2013

As announced previously, the Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (DDIG) deadline is October 10th. This date is roughly a month earlier than in prior years.

If you are planning to submit:

Please be sure all of the required paperwork and certifications (especially the “statement that the student has advanced to candidacy for a Ph.D., signed and dated by the department chairperson, graduate dean, or similar administrative official”) will be ready for the submission. Also, please make sure your organizational representative (usually, the Sponsored Research Office (SRO)) is aware of the date change to avoid missing the deadline.

2 thoughts on “Program Announcement: Reminder, DEB DDIGs Due 10/10/2013

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  2. Update: We’re aware and are have the web support team looking into an error with the DDIG opportunity posted on where both the current revision (NSF 13-568) and the old version with the outdated deadline (NSF 12-590) are listed as open calls. Please, DO NOT attempt to submit to NSF 12-590. This error appears to be only in and not in If you know people using for this, please share this info. H/T to the grad student who saw this and wrote in to us.

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