Meet DEB: Sam Scheiner, EP Program Officer

Basic Profile

Name: Sam Scheiner

DEB PO Sam Scheiner

DEB PO Sam Scheiner

Education: BA U Chicago 1978, MS U Chicago 1980, PhD U Chicago 1983

NSF Experience/History: I have been at NSF for almost 15 years, beginning in September 1998. I was an IPA for two years, a Fed Temp for a year, and then I became permanent.

Research Experience/History: These days I am a theoretical biologist and data parasite. My work these days focuses on three areas, the evolution of phenotypic plasticity, ways to measure diversity, and general theories of biology.

Competitions I currently work on: Evolutionary Processes, Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases, SEES Fellows

Q & A

How did you come to be working in DEB?

I was escaping a dysfunctional department and campus; the year I resigned ¾ of the department resigned. While not planning on staying at NSF permanently, I found that I enjoyed the job and that I did it well.

One thing you wished more people understood about your field and why:

Collectively, we biologists fail to adequately engage with theory, link data to theory, and provide clear tests of alternative hypotheses. Even in evolutionary biology, which has the strongest tradition in this regard, this failure is common especially in grant proposals.

What would someone find you doing in your down time?

I am very involved in our local science fiction group and help run our local convention (Capclave), and am helping to run the World Fantasy convention to be held in Arlington in 2014.

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