Meet DEB: Henry Gholz, ESC Program Officer

Basic Profile

Name: Henry L. Gholz

Education: PhD, Oregon State University 1979 Major: Forest Science, Minors: Botany, Soil Science)

Henry Gholz of DEB's Ecosystem Science Cluster.

Henry Gholz of DEB’s Ecosystem Science Cluster.

NSF Experience/History: I first came to NSF as a rotator in Ecosystem Science in 2000 and became a full-time Federal employee for NSF in 2003. Over this time, I managed LTER for 10 years, NCEAS for its last 5 years, have continuously co-managed the Ecosystems Program, and co-managed other regular and special programs in BIO and across NSF.

Research Experience/History: I came to NSF after a 22-year academic career in the School of Forest Resources and Conservation at the University of Florida, where I worked with grad students and colleagues on carbon, energy, water and nutrient cycling interactions in both managed and natural forests of the southeastern U.S. and the tropics. I previously served as an advisor to the US Agency for International Development (as a AAAS Fellow) and Program Manager for USDA.

Competitions I currently work on: Ecosystem Studies (pre-proposals, full proposals, DDIG), MacroSystems Biology, SEES Fellowships

Q & A

Describe your current IR/D activities:

I am still working on syntheses of my collaborative southeastern U.S. work, while developing new research relations in the Rocky Mountain region.

How did you come to be working in DEB?

I reviewed my first NSF proposal over 30 years ago and became involved in NSF-supported research while an undergraduate. I thought it about time to become more directly involved in supporting such research more broadly.

Recount a formative educational experience:

When I discovered (from a new friend I met on an Outward Bound course in the PNW) that “real science” could be conducted in the out doors, I switched undergraduate majors from physics to forest ecology and moved from New York to Oregon. The rest is simply history…

What would someone find you doing in your down time?

Rock climbing, skiing, running, reading, drinking wine and enjoying micro-brewed beers.

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