Program Announcement x2: Preliminary Proposals and CAREER Deadline

Preliminary Proposal Notifications

As of the end of May 2013, it looks like all of the official invite and do not invite notifications for DEB full proposals have been sent out.  If you seem to have missed/be missing a notification please: 1) Check your status in FastLane, 2) if FastLane shows no decision and reviews haven’t been released, get in touch with your Program Officer, 3) Do not ask about specific proposals here (we can’t answer those requests by blog).

CAREER Deadline

A reminder to those with interest in and eligibility for the NSF CAREER program.  The 2013 annual deadline is just 6-weeks away on July 22, 2013. There is an extensive FAQ here:  As mentioned a few posts ago, the CAREER solicitation is an NSF-wide solicitation targeted for tenure-track Assistant Professors. CAREER proposals are reviewed alongside the invited full proposals in our fall core program full proposal panels with reviewers receiving instruction on additional considerations required by the opportunity. Potential applicants should keep in mind that a major objective of the CAREER Program is to encourage the integration of research and education.

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